Step 1: Contact Us.

Call (310) 839 -9088 to speak with our intake team who would be happy to discuss the application prerequisites and overall process. We just need some basic information about your child and his or her needs. The team will be able to complete a diagnosis assessment, help you identify if our services are considered in-network based on your insurance provider, and walk you through the enrollment application and relevant documentation.

Step 2: Clinical Consultation.

Soon after your call to the Intake Team, a member of our Clinical Team will reach out to you to discuss more specifics about your child, their current support, and your overall goals through the introduction of an ABA program.

Step 3: Assessment and Observation.

Our team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts will set up a time to observe your child’s natural routine and behaviors in the setting where you would like them to receive services (home or school). This observation is critical and allows the CAST clinical team to begin developing a treatment plan, selecting ABA strategies that would be most effective for your child and family as a whole, as well as to help build our assessment report.

Step 4: Assessment Report.

This report details any treatment recommendations that our team has for your child. It also includes the behaviors observed during Step 3, the goals developed for your child once he or she begins ABA therapy, and the intervention strategies that our team intends to use to help your child reach those goals. Once the ABA Assessment Report is completed, it will be sent to your insurance provider or Regional Center for review, as they determine the amount of support that your child is authorized to receive on a regular basis.

Step 5: Initiation of Services!

Once you have completed the enrollment process, it’s time to begin your child’s ABA sessions. Our therapists will start the specially designed program to help your child progress toward the appropriate set of developmental goals established by our clinical team, either in the home, school, or community setting.