CAST was founded on the ideal that all children should have access to supports that aid them in reaching their developmental potential.

With that as our guiding premise, we are committed to providing and building the most comprehensive and passionate support team for each of the families that are part of the CAST community.


Our therapists are trained in Applied Behavior Analysis with the goal of providing high quality support to the children who are challenged by Autism and their families. They focus on establishing clear behavioral goals and building strong, trusting relationships with our CAST families. In both home and school settings, the CAST team of behavioral therapists focus on helping children with any age-appropriate developmental skills that they are challenged by.


CAST families understand they are an essential part of a child’s success. We focus on the parent partnership and our families are devoted to being active members of their child’s treatment team. Parents are encouraged to take part in their child’s therapy sessions in a way that benefits both them and their child. It’s important to remember that this participation is unique to each family. So; some parents join in on the ABA session while some observe from afar and prepare to generalize the techniques that CAST therapists utilize. Through team meetings and personal program development planning, parents can not only help shape their child’s individualized program but they also gain valuable guidance about the practical everyday applications of behavioral interventions from our trained clinicians. CAST families are encouraged, by every member of a child’s team to make consistency a priority as it is the key to lasting behavioral change.