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Center Based Program

Center Based Early Intervention Program Happy Learners Academy

We have developed an Early Intervention Treatment Program that is
play-based, and focused on each child’s strengths and abilities.
Our intervention program is parent-friendly and developed to provide on-going support and parent education and training. We provide an educational and therapeutic environment which promotes child development and helps them build skills to reach their full potential.

Our program curriculum includes intervention activities that promote the development of skills in the areas of:

• Language and Communication Development
• Cognitive Development
• Physical and Motor Development
• Play Skills and Social Skills
• Self Help and Adaptive Skills
• Safety Skills
• Psychosocial Development

Our program has a strong emphasis on Parent Involvement and Training.

• Parent Meetings with the Case Supervisor
• Clinic Team meetings with the treatment team
• Observations during instruction in our observation and training Room
• Weekly briefings on child’s progress

Additional Center- Based Services:

• Occupational Therapy Center-Based
• Physical Therapy Center Based
• Speech Therapy Center-Based
• Social Skills Groups
• Counseling and Psychological Services